Saturday, June 18, 2005

IFF8 Crew

Johanna and her crew of volunteers are gearing up for next weekend's 8th Annual International Friendship Festival, our almost impromptu very local solstice block party/community pot luck/fiesta/smorgasbord/Taste of 56572. This year's entertainment includes a Mariachi group from the Twin Cities and a band from Namsos, no, not Greece, Norway. Let's hope this weather holds, but so what if it doesn't? Come out and meet and eat with your neighbors, rain or shine. Advance tickets (free will offering) can be purchased from any Volunteer wearing the Collectible (hotter than PRPD Police patches on eBay) IFF8 t-shirt, which you can purchase without free will at Historic City Hall.

1 comment:

zax said...

The comment about the PRPD police patch had me laughing. My brother used to be a police officer in town and I recently asked if he still had his patches because I had seen one on Ebay. He still has his.