Thursday, June 16, 2005

Is that a chain saw I hear?

Look in the archives for my year-end posting on December 26, 2004:

2005: We are waiting for Jimmy to deliver..............his first pizza. Is there a Family Dollar in our future? Can 56572 support three full service banks? Blandin looking for leaders. When will the Mean Caffeine open? Where will the new PRHS be located? When can we vote on it? Sale pending on Johnson's Furniture?

The old news on the street is that the old Merlin Rieman house (SW corner of Broadway & 10th Ave SW) was sold this week and all the trees on the lot will make way for a Family Dollar store:

Welcome to Family Dollar Online!
Family Dollar is one of the fastest growing discount store chains in the United States. With more than 5,600 stores in 44 states from Maine to Arizona and 45 years of experience, our success always has been based on helping value-conscious families meet their basic shopping needs. Check out what's new, tour a store and see how we're providing great value through everyday low prices and convenience.

I'm going to miss the trees. Time will tell if we need yet another dollar store.

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