Sunday, July 3, 2005

Artist in residence

Scoops employee Melissa Seifert was so ecstatic with her $15 in tips yesterday that she grabbed her paint roller and brush and started a mural on the west side of 56572's favorite ice cream parlor. Word on the street locally is that Cass-Clay ice cream is a hot item in the Twin Cities. Al Malmberg, the graveyard shift personality on WCCO-AM, has been raving about it all week. Move over Sarah Jane! So it's not the Kemp cows after all? A Twin Cities resident drove up this weekend and asked specifically for Cass-Clay ice cream. No Blue Bunny for him. He found the maple nut and homemade vanilla to be worth the trip. The Scoops owner reported sales had been brisk this weekend and although she did not run out, she will welcome the Cass-Clay dairy truck which will replenish the freezers tomorrow at noon. Moose Tracks will be back in stock for those heading home tomorrow night.

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