Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Captain Jensen

Captain Jensen is the new owner of HMS Staenk. Captain Olesen will hand over the keys tomorrow. We will attempt to post photos of the occasion. Ship traffic in the Oresund should be forewarned. The purchase price was considerably less than the asking price. It is doubtful whether or not there will be photos of the maiden voyage as neither Captain nor First Mate want to risk getting their cameras wet. As for this evening the celebration of a sea going vessel in the family is about to begin. For the moment the crew is scouring the Internet for the text of sea shanties, inexpensive fishing gear, life jackets and restaurants that serve mead. Readers who know Captain Jensen are encouraged to comment below with an appropriate name for Captain Jensen in the vein of Eric the Red, Canute (Knud) the Great, Olav the Stout or Olav the Saint.

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