Friday, July 15, 2005

Stop and shop 56572

I admit the idea of building the World's Largest Pelican was novel. We had to be like neighboring towns so we chose a bird. A mermaid like the one in the harbor here in Copenhagen would get more people to stop and shop. Let's build it on the West Bank. What do you say Cooper? We could build a legend around her that would put the Kensington Runestone to shame. Should I start one?

Three Danish Vikings

Once upon a time.....when Danish Vikings were searching for the true source of the Red River of the North.....just before they arrived in the true Land of Sky Blue Waters.....a place they compared to Valhalla.....they encountered this beautiful creature....half young woman-half walleye, blond hair, blue eyes.....just downstream from the Rotary Suspension Bridge.......what they did with her.....uffda.....her true story........has never been told.....until today.

Next chapter is yours Fraulein Wagner.

photo by Thorkild Jensen

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