Wednesday, August 24, 2005

56572 has the students; Fergus gets the money??? Student Drifting? (as in migrate?) Desegregate? Integrate? Congregate? Am I the only one confused?

Diving into diversity

By Sarah Horner, Fergus Falls Daily Journal

As the number of minorities in Pelican Rapids continues to climb, Fergus Falls could see students drift into its district and the state may offer financial help to welcome their arrival.

Fergus Falls District 544 could receive as much as $166,000 from the state to help Pelican Rapids desegregate and educate staff and children in the local district about diversity.

"There is a good chance that the state will approve our application," Business Director Mark Masten said. "It's not a guarantee though."

If approved, Superintendent Dr. Mark Bezek said three foreign language teachers would be placed in the elementary schools.

An additional $5,000 would be spent on coordinating an exchange with Pelican Rapids that would facilitate children in their district to participate in after school activities like theater in Fergus Falls.

The rest of the budget would be spent on committees and coordinating expenses to implement and oversee the integration.

Currently, less than 2 percent of the student body in Fergus Falls are minorities, while more than 20 percent of the Pelican Rapids district is comprised of minority students.

"This is a great thing," Bezek said. "We need a lot more diversity awareness in our district."

The Fergus Falls School Board approved the application at its meeting Monday. Masten said the district should hear if it has been approved by the state in the next couple of weeks.

"The state is trying to encourage minorities not to congregate but move out and explore this exciting country."

"Is the Journal Editor on holiday? Whaddya think Senator Larson? Slam dunk?"
"Theater is just fine in Pelican Rapids, thank you."

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