Saturday, March 15, 2008

How quickly we forget how often we have been where we are once again

Section 8AA Boys Basketball Finals:
2005: Crookston-Pelican Rapids 54-53
2006: Pelican Rapids-East Grand Forks 71-68
2007: Bagley-Pelican Rapids 61-43
2008: Pelican Rapids-Undefeated Ranked #1 Crosby Ironton 59-58 OT

To whom much is given, much is expected?

Is it the water, the cooks at school, the coaches (including Rex), the tradition, the fans, the pep band, the bus driver, or does Trevor fill the balls with helium and lubricate the springs on the rim so they are soft and forgiving? Why does the PRHS boys basketball coach enjoy longer tenure than the Superintendent?

There's more to this than this year's team. Some of us remember 1969. There's that too. If I were a CI Ranger, I'd be shaking in my sneakers.

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