Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Proud of you Sara

Air Force One will land in Minneapolis this afternoon bringing President Bush to Minnesota for the second time this month. The President will attend a Republican fundraiser for Senator Coleman in a home in the western suburbs. The fundraiser has been organized in part by someone with 56572 connections - our son is her significant other. She works for Senator Coleman. We are certain that the President will be impressed by Sara's efforts. We hope the President will bring reassuring words to the flood victims of Southeastern Minnesota as he did three weeks ago for the Interstate 35W bridge collapse victims.

If Sara would care to comment on her impressions of the President's visit, use the comment button below. 56572 readers would be interested. Would you ask if he (preferably Dubya) would come to 56572 some time? Maybe Brent and JoAnn would do an Open House?

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