Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Last call for Friday Night AYCE Bullhead

Word on the street is that Rocky's Bar and Grill (on 108 on the north arm of Star Lake just east of Frog Trail) will be closing September 30th. Rocky's Resort will remain open. Anybody have memories to share or recommendations about what to eat should 56572 readers want a Labor Day or September road trip destination? Do they still serve food? Do we have readers on east of Lida?

Photo (Tom Hintgen, Fergus Falls Daily Journal)

Rocky's Resort closing after 90 years in business


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed they still do serve food. It's a good old fashioned home cooked breakfast where they still fry the hash browns in real butter on the grill. We ate there twice this summer when staying at the Galaxy Resort and took 4 of the grandkids there to share in that experience. Our trips up next summer won't be the same without Rocky's breakfasts. Be sure when visiting to drive down the road just a few blocks further and take a peek at "Bogeyman Road".... the twins thought that place was scary enough to get out of the car and take our pictures in front of. Your sister in Chaska....

Anonymous said...

I have been eating at Rocky's for half a century. Used to be Peaches. My folks had their first date there in 1946.

Greatest food in the area. Friday night 'all you can eat' bullhead was the greatest.

I will miss it a lot.

Anonymous said...

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Rocky Schmidt (of Rocky's after it was Peaches) was the bookkeeper for Gerald Evenson's trucking company. Talk about community contribution!!! The Evenson family has contributed more to 56572's development than anyone since the Haugen/Blyberg/Frazee families.

NWB said...

Out of 4 Stars...3.5
Location::great! Right off of Highway 108, youi can't
miss it! Parking is ample (if you have a small car or
don't mind being squeezed in between the pickups)
Ambience: 4--if you like funky, fishbait, antiques,
(reminded me of my childhood when I used the corncrib
for my playhouse)
View:..3,5, The lakeview seating (through the window
framed with the barn wood) was great-but one had to
use their imagination. The boats going by added to the
overall effect.
They might try a sunset cocktail cruise with a
Bullhead fry on a pontoon.
(now $1.75 per dozen)
Service...4 Stars!! Whoever this hardworking waitress
was, she had quick, efficient service with a
smile--and then went into the kitchen and cooked the
meal! Her recommendation that "we try the hashbrowns
because that's what we're known for" was right on!
Food Quality...3 stars but probably unfair as I don't
like fried food. (except for the hast browns, ) Our
party enjoyed hamburgers (great!), chicken (mmm), malt
(good to the last slurp). Recommended for sure is the
appetizer plate with the homemade french fries.
Overall Satisfaction:
After driving past Ricky's for 25 years while
vacationing and living in this area, I finally was
persuaded to stop in when I heard rumors that it was
closing. Now if that rumor is true, then I am indeed sad because it is (in the
words of Dick Clark in an old Dairy Queen commercial)
An American Original!
Get there while you can!

Anonymous said...

Yes Rocky Smith and his wife owned
Rocky's Resort until sometime in maybe the early '60s. Rocky was the bookkeeper at Evenson's. Betty Mikkelson is their daughter. They have another daughter, Darlene, I believe.

After Smiths it was owned by Bob and Sue (Jaeger)Carlson, Chuck and Mary Ann Lewis, and Steve Kunz and Mike Scouton. Mike and Steve bought the place in the late '60s or early '70s.