Wednesday, August 29, 2007

West meets East on Lida

To the west the sun dropping behind Lida Greens, to the east the Full Moon of August rising over Maplewood State Park. This was the setting last night for an impromptu jam session between World Musicians Roger Tweiten of River Falls, Wisconsin (via Fargo and Perham) and Artun Turan of Ankara, Turkey. Roger, who played the last two International Friendship Festivals here, just released a new cd "As Time Goes By" of his style of world music. Artun, who is the 2007-08 Rotary Youth Exchange student in 56572, plays Aegean folk music in a progressive rock style. Artun also released a cd, (has even given a concert in China) but prefers to use YouTube where he can be found under the name of aerturk. The duets they improvised on Roger's accordion were raw fusion as both learned on the fly from each other. The talk was about keys and rhythms, fourths and fifths, the cost of renting studios. Between the talk, flying fingers for the eyes, candy for the ears.

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