Tuesday, September 11, 2007

56572 Breaking News Alert

Since hanging up his apron last week Philsosopher is back to philsosphying. He feels the world needs more lerts, so I am trying hard to be one. This afternoon I noticed - in addition to Phil's white board:

A handwritten sign on the deck door of Riverside Coffee:

OPEN 7:00 a.m. Wednesday

Was that sign there last week? Check if the green "Open" neon is lit, or 56572's first "WiFi Hotspot" neon. You should really get your photo taken next to this multi-colored neon, not Pelican Pete. Use the WiFi to email the photo to homesick Vikings and Lady Vikings anywhere on earth. The frosted Pelican Pete cookies make good 56572 Care packages to the homesick. Stick a commemorative PP@50 postcard in the box for good measure. Many of our readers fall into that of homesick. Tell 56572 just how homesick you are for PR and we might actually send you a PP cookie, runnerups get a PP-the Cookie jpeg. Use the comment button. As you all left us you may comment anonymously, we will still know who you are.

Seriously, you must try the breakfast vanilla yogurt parfait with grapes, apples, strawberries and the granola garnish. They would look great on any teacher's desk. Try KKO's or Mr.Brown's. (She still teaching?) Mrs. Gray, the new Riverside Owner, was talking about delivery! Email or call them and have a parfait delivered to your favorite principal, teacher or school bus driver.

PS Will somebody give unsere Frau from Fertile the news? Maybe she's on her way south to ref a game somewhere?

PS2 Riverside is now open Wednesday-Sunday, closed Monday and Tuesday.

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