Saturday, September 22, 2007

56572 going to the dogs?

I am personally fed up with the dogs of this town. I am an animal lover, have a dog of my own, whom I walk almost daily. In the past week we have been charged by 3 dogs in different locations. I ALWAYS have my dog on a leash and walk on the side of the street, yet in these three instances dogs have come charging out of their yards and across the street to warn me off. Nearly daily I have mini doxie's biting at my dogs heels (very annoying), but the last 3 were large dogs - German shepherd, Rottweiler, and a pit bull. I do not feel safe anymore walking my dog and have begun to carry pepper spray. Now, I also do NOT appreciate the poor dogs that are tied up to trees day in and day out. I don't understand why people own these pets, but at least they are not charging out of their territories. I most certainly do not mean anything by naming the breeds as I have a 120+lb dog, but people are just not considerate here!

On another dog note, I feel that people should not leave their dogs outside when they bark CONSTANTLY. It is such an annoyance to not even be able to have your windows open to get fresh air because all you hear are dogs barking. We had company over for dinner this evening and every single guest commented on how noisy the neighbor dogs were because they barked continually through the entire meal. And this was AFTER we closed all of the windows! It is so incredibly FRUSTRATING when the neighbors completely ignore your attempts to talk
with them about it. I have consulted the Pelican Rapids city ordinance and it states...........

Subdivision 9 Animals
No person shall keep any animal that by it's frequent or continued noise unreasonably annoys, disturbs, injures, or endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace, safety, or welfare of any person or precludes their enjoyment of property or affects property value.
A. The animal noise occurs at a time between 10pm and 7am and can be heard from a location outside the building and premises where the animal is being kept, and the animal has made such noises intermittently for more than 5 minutes with 1 minute or less lapse of time between each animal noise during the 5 minute period.

Any tips on how to approach this issue - I think people should be more responsible of their pets and be considerate of others!

Tiff Brown

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