Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Is the butter running down your screen?

Uffda mejda! De Yohnssons yust got back from de State Fair doncha know? Maybe dey put der Sweede Corn to da State Fair Taste Test? I saw dem drivin' dat vite Honda pickemup truck vit de sterrin' veel on de right side like dey used to drive in Sverige. Dey came down de hill der by Yens Erickson's place and pounded de Sweede corn sign back in de jord. Don't ask us why Bertil Yohanssons Sweede Corn from Lida Township is best. Vi dunno en vi don't care, it yust is. Just det. Hej då.


Anonymous said...

I heard that they did very well with one of their animals at the fair.


Anonymous said...

I think it's the natural fertilizer they get from the dairy and turkey barns that makes a difference in the quality and quantity of the sweet corn. It's the way food is supposed to be produced via the food chain.