Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Final Score: Haugrud 22-Diaz 13

The law of averages was served at the Homecoming Coronation Monday night.

One used to hear that in 56572 the name Haugrud (22 currently) was numero uno when it came to the number of families listed in the 56572 phone book. Then it was said that the name Diaz (13 currently) was making a run for it.

Porfirio Diaz is the 2007 PRHS Homecoming King and Kirsten Haugrud the 2007 PRHS Homecoming Queen.

There are five Diaz' in the Junior Class.
After Kirsten, the next oldest Haugrud is a seventh grader.

There are sixty-four Johnson listings in the 56572 phone book.

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