Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Galaxy Motors in 56572, Mr. Clemont

Radio station could use a little more Otter pride
George Clemont, Erhard, Minnesota
Published Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fergus Falls Daily Journal

"I look forward to listening to KBRF 1250 AM every Friday evening for the Otter football game. I have done this for years. I am especially interested this year because of a young man on the team that is a good friend of mine. I am an elderly person in this area who doesn't get out of my home too much. Otter football on Friday nights is one of the bright spots of my week. I am so disappointed to hear that our own local radio station is not going to be broadcasting Otter football for half of their home games including their homecoming game. Why? I hear it is because they want to broadcast other teams in Otter Tail County instead. There is nothing wrong with that. They have five radio stations. Can't one of them broadcast our own local team each week? Maybe all of us that listen to the radio in Fergus Falls on Friday nights when they are broadcasting all those other community's games in Otter Tail County should just take our business to those communities that advertise on the radio during their Friday night games. I think I will go to Perham to buy my next car.

Chamber of Commerce — take note. If you want us to shop local then we need our local radio station to support local youth. We are just asking for one station out of the five on a Friday night. Go Otters!"

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born in the rapids said...

Kore wa nan desu ka? [English translation: "What is this?"]

I know that many Americans have purchased Japanese cars and trucks over the years, but this is definitely a new way to look at the term "Japanese truck."