Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Larry remembers 56572

Minneapolis artist and 1967 PRHS graduate Larry Rostad has donated two unframed prints of a South Lida watercolor he painted in 1998 to the 2007 Oktoberfest. They will be on the auction bill, which will come out shortly. Another framed larger Rostad silkscreen print "The Liberty Ships" will also be on the auction. All Oktoberfest proceeds go to beautify 56572 and are readily identifiable as Oktoberfest projects. Thanks so much Larry. Any other artists care to donate to their home town?

Larry writes that this Lund belonged to his Aunt Edna Carlson who had a cabin near Isle View so that's The South Face of Hallaway Hill just above the Lund. Ninety-two year old Aunt Edna owns the original.

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