Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Svenska köttbullar (2)

If you missed the Swedish Meatballs at Muddy Moose this noon, too bad for you. Samantha and Patty have doing their own local cookoff the past two weeks digging out family recipes and preparing them from scratch for customers. Today was Sam's turn and she spent a good deal of the morning grinding the cardamom for her Mother's Icelandic Swedish Meatball recipe. "Ummm, these are great!" was the unsolicited response of the first customer. Homemade food like this is hard to find in restaurants. Like most things, like this plate, it was always right here under our noses in 56572. Bravo ladies!


Anonymous said...

Sam here. Thanks for the kind words and your business. Patty, Carolyn, the staff and I are trying hard to put good food at a fair price on the table. We want to stay open for the winter so we're trying to give the people what they want (thus the menu changes this week.)
What do you Pelicanites want for lunch and supper? We're open to ideas. I'd love to stay employed in charming Pelican over the winter. Drop in, I'm listening.

Cheers and thanks,

Samantha, Muddy Moose

Anonymous said...

What did they charge for the meatball dinner?

As to what we want... good 'from scratch' food, and variety... we don't need another 'Rapids'. And don't charge an arm and a leg. Maybe have some type of buffet at night.. a 'theme' mexican, asian , scandnavian.. or would that be a smorgasbord :)
also, do you have a happy hour?

'67 prhs grad said...

Hey, Moose, Thanks for letting us order off the lunch menu on weekend evenings. But what happened to that amazing BLT that was on the menu? Best BLT ever!

Anonymous said...

WOW-that looks good. I ate at the Moose a couple times before it closed and suffered 'sticker shock' at the tab. I'm a poor 56572 lifer.

Also like the Rapids. Been very pleased since it reopened! And can't say enough good things about Crossroads. But none can beat the deli at Larry's for quality, quantity and price.

We are lucky here. Am going to try The Pickel Factory soon, too.

Am still in mourning for Rocky's.