Tuesday, October 9, 2007

lectura por el martes

What gives with this smart aleck Blog Guy who won't just write in a language we all understand? What gives with all this "lectura" business?

Students at PRHS are being encouraged to read more. Time is now set aside for "random reading." 56572 is trying to help provide random reading material, should anyone find themselves short of RRM for a chilly Tuesday.

56572 discovers that it has been negligent in reading the fine print and has taken liberties with certain digital pages which are not to be excerpted - even on a personal website - from the organization I will link to two paragraphs further down. 56572 does not wish to end up like The Lady from Brainerd who is now ordered to pay about $9,250 for each song she downloaded and did not pay for.

56572 discovers further that a page may be linked to as long as it's to the entire page so you get your daily dosage of ads and the web page owner and those who are paid to fill the pages do indeed get paid.

So here is a link to a writer I randomly read. Two years ago he wrote about his experience pulling beets, just like hundreds of people will be doing around here again tonight. I found this piece enlightening two years ago, still do today. I wonder if beet haulers would agree with what Mr. Ringsak has to say. Could any of you say it better?

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proud to be a beet hauler's daughter said...

I just read R.R.'s column about sugar beet pulling to my father, a sugar beet hauler. He liked it.

56572 Blog Guy, I don't have a problem with you putting a little Spanish, a little Norsk, a little Japanese, a little bit of any language on your blog because we do not live in a monolingual world.