Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Verlyn's Vultures and Nodakers in the passing lane of the Three Mile Woods

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"I am not bothered by the mud from sugar beet or potato trucks as they have a real impact on the local economy. It is from actual production and creation of wealth.

On the other hand, the traffic on 108 east during the tourist season is not only dangerous but the economic impact is merely a transfer of funds and not any creation of new wealth. If the summer visitors who seem to be in such a hurry on a 50mph road want flat, straight roads, they should stay in North Dakota. The glaciers made the lakes and also caused the hills and need for winding roads

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Apple Betty said...

How I miss the days of cruising gravel roads on Sunday drives and fewer folks traveling to the lake.

Wait, no I don't! All Dakotans are welcome to visit our 10,000+ lakes! Remember how much Dakotans donate annually to the state of Minnesota when they pay their lake property taxes.

In fact, I welcome all lake users!
Come one, come all!