Wednesday, October 17, 2007


As far as we know nobody is working towards publication of anything to commemorate the 125th birthday of 56572 next May.

In 1958, 75 Years of Progress was published. In 1983 it was the Centennial Book, A Century at the Rapids.

What will we do for the 125th? Throw something up on YouTube? Do a community myspace or facebook page?

In a previous post we mentioned the term Peliwiki.

Last week the Minnesota Historical Society, to jumpstart the MN@150 celebration, published the MN150 Wiki. Take a look at it. Could we do something similar for 56572@125?

The obvious benefits are that our main investment would be our time, anybody can contribute, anybody in the world can view it anytime and finally that there is no money involved.

Let's start with a list of 56572's 125 top newsmakers. These could be either people or events.

Do you have a grandchild, child, nephew or niece with wikisavvy and the time to set something like MN150 Wiki up for us? Should we just ask the Minnesota Historical Society to set up a blank wiki for us and let us fill in the blanks? Grants might be available for something like that?

Where are you young people who left us in 56572 behind in the digital dust? Do this for college credit or your post-graduate degree? Kate Westby are you majoring in English? What does Paul Johnson think about this?

Ask not what 56572 can do for you. Ask what you can do for 56572. Your hometown.

Those of us over fifty are wikilliterate. Impress us younger generation. It's your local history too.

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