Thursday, November 8, 2007

Can Korean, Viet Nam and Iraq vets look forward to the same?

from The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead

Great to be part of homecoming
Cecil Femling
World War II veteran Pelican Rapids, Minn.

Never before in 87 years have I been a part of and witnessed such a gala and joyous homecoming event as occurred at Hector International Airport on Saturday evening November 3rd.

Two-hundred-thirty veterans of World War II returned from Washington, D.C., after seeing the recently constructed and finished World War II Memorial erected in honor of all American citizens who helped to bring the conflict to an end.

Hundreds of men, women, boys and girls lined the exit path to cheer, honor, and thank those men and women who had participated in the WWII Honor Flight to Washington. A young girl, and many others, extended their hands and thanked each veteran for their services.

One pretty young girl handed me a long-stemmed white carnation. The energetic, enthusiastic band members dressed in wellpresented camouflage uniforms, and those who held U.S. flags, made the celebration an event of total patriotic significance.

I should not speak for all occupants of the 747 airliner, but if I may, then I would enjoy saying with warm regards and heartfelt thanks to every individual, corporate and political entity who planned, prepared and carried out the WDAY WWII Honor Flight, and who made the event and homecoming possible, “Thank you so much.”

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