Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dear Mr. Brugs

The positive coaching influence you have had on my children will not be forgotten. Hopefully you find another opportunity to use your coaching talents.

Ralph Waldo is smiling.
The rest of us have tears in our eyes.

"Doug Bruggeman has resigned his position as Head Girls Basketball Coach citing personal reasons. John Peter will assume the position of interim coach and will be assisted by Dave Haugen and Anna Peter. We would like to thank Coach Bruggeman for his work ethic and what he has brought to the program the past ten years."

Donald Beck, Activities Director, Pelican Rapids High School


Anonymous said...

Your love of the game, the school, and your players will be missed! Keep fighting the good fight!

~Leslie T

Anonymous said...

I'm am one with tears in my eyes. It was good timing on my part that I printed out your blog last night for my daughter to read. The words of advice will teach her a lot. I'm sad that she will miss out on having you as a basketball coach. On the other hand I'm very happy that you are a great friend and that she will experience your life and basketball "coaching" whenever she needs it.

Lori Erickson

Tami said...

Coach -- what a loss to the program but I respect your choice. Please keep the blog going, should be required reading. (you realize your backyard coaching can not end until you get a little blonde-haired buddy through his high school basketball career)

Anonymous said...

As I scrolled down the homepage of the website, your name in big blue letters caught my attention. Inquisitively, I decided to read further. I only read your November posts, but it was enough for me to sense a bit of heartache. I don't keep up very much with the hometown happenings and don't know your whole story, but in reading just that small snippet of your thoughts, I felt compelled to write you a quick note to say that you are more than deserving of a significant THANK YOU. Thank you for teaching me the type of respect, discipline, perspective, responsibility, selflessness and resiliency you mentioned in your letter. It may not have seemed like it was sinking into this thick skull of mine while you were dealing with me as a student/player, but believe me, eventually it did. These "tools" have made me the person that I am today, and I wanted to let you know that even now, I am very grateful to you and Coach Rund for instilling these quality traits into my life, (and into the lives of many others). I am very honored to be able to say that at one time I was a part of the family that was built within the walls of the Pelican Rapids gym and YOU, Coach Bruggs, made a great "parent". Thanks again.