Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ringneck kamikaze

The school bus driver was a rookie. Nothing he could have done to avoid what was to happen. He had been told to watch out for all the Wild Turkeys.

The last child left to drop off was Timmy, a Kindergartner. It was getting dark as the bus approached 303rd Street north of Elizabeth.

From up out of the ditch a blur, then a hard thump as the Ringneck smashed against the driver side windshield.

Feathers flew.
Glass shattered.

Coming up from ducking Timmy, never at a loss for words, asked, "Was that a duck?"


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Mr. Christianson -- I am glad that both Timmy and your driver are ok.
It leaves me with a burning question, though -- regarding the multiple deer I see in the school bus window -- hmmmm. Are those reflections or imprints?
Merry Christmas -- take care -- Kathy J.

Jim Christianson said...

reflections of the reindeer pulling the sleigh...any kindergartner knows that...surprising that the teacher needs to ask.