Wednesday, January 30, 2008

All we ever really needed to know we learn on the big yellow school bus (1)

What your children are telling us this week:

(for 56572 readers Gubban och Snälla därhemma; höppas ni mår bra)

A girl in Kindergarten came up to the bus driver this week and pointed to the adult size glasses on the dashboard left behind by another driver. "Those are my glasses." The bus driver gives her the glasses without question. She goes back to her seat and puts them on. On her way down the steps into school she gives the driver the glasses back and says "Sorry, I forgot that I don't wear glasses."

A boy in Kindergarten came up to his female school bus driver this week to tell her: "You know if you go to a motel, you can go out in the hall and take your pants off, then everybody can see you're nuts."

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