Wednesday, January 9, 2008

See anybody you know?

Strangers Becoming Friends is a video snapshot of the annual International Friendship Festival in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. Edited by Deb Wallwork and recorded by Media Mike Hazard, it's a video about a global village. The next festival is June 20-21, 2008. For more, visit


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for next year's festival! The sights, scents and sounds are amazing in Pelican Rapids on the third weekend in June. I sent this to all of my friends with the hope that they will join us at the festival next year and celebrate our diverse cultures!

Kathryn Lichty said...

I like your heading, Jim..."See anybody you know?" It was neat to see my daughter in the video, as well as the vendors and the dancers who we look forward to seeing each year.