Wednesday, February 13, 2008

56572@125 How to tell you were parked on West Mill (2)


The NAPA store, Tire Shop and Press Office were popular stops for Papa's Bone Truck. If he didn't have business at all three, he would often stop in for a few minutes to see how his friends at the Tire Shop were doing. Perhaps he would also make a swing by AMPI or the elevator on his way to the bus garage.

Of course, if you drive a vehicle named the Bone Truck, you will frequently be bringing a need for professional assistance to your buddies at the Tire Shop.

Hmmmm....perhaps these good friends on West Mill are a reason by themselves that someone might hang onto a vehicle named Bone Truck, and continue to drive it past the Tire Shop a couple times a day for several years.

Thanks for the memories! Kathy J.

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