Wednesday, February 6, 2008

One way tickets

The Gudad family was reunited at Fargo's Hector Airport last Saturday afternoon arriving from Nairobi, Kenya. This is the first airport arrival of new refugees to 56572 since September 2007.

Mr Gudad, his wife and their five sons have taken up residence in 56572. The three younger daughters are staying with extended family in the Twin Cities.

Assisting them from the LSS Refugee office in Pelican Rapids is Yusuf Abdi.

Welcome to America and to 56572.

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Eric Brown said...

It's wonderful that they were able to (finally) make it out of Nairobi safely. At least something "good" can come out of the political turmoil / ethnic & tribal killings - an excuse to get out of (Kenyan) Dodge and home to 56572.

I will take the liberty to extend a warm welcome to 56572. No pun intended on the "warm" welcome...