Saturday, March 15, 2008

Et tu Tydan?

For sure there were Ranger Eyes in the crowd last night. Eyes of boys who call themselves Rangers because they live on the Cuyuna. Boys who have won twenty-nine basketball games without once tasting the bitter cup. Boys who sit on the Caesar's Throne of Minnesota Class AA basketball awaiting homage from Twin Cities media.

Here they sat on Ides-of-March Eve in Memorial Auditorium in Moorhead watching Tydan Viking stick a quick dagger in the back of The Green Wave. What were they thinking on the way back to the Cuyuna early this morning?

One would hope that nobody in Warroad reads the Fargo Forum who in reporting the convincing Viking Victory this morning announce in big letters that "#1 is next for Pelican" when the Warroad-Crosby-Ironton game is tonight. Will Coach Strand take the Vikings to Bemidji to watch? Does it help or does it hurt when one has to watch the #1 Team in the State? What will the Vikings think about on the long way home?

Should the Rangers win tonight and the Vikings get their shot at them on Tuesday in Bemidji, isn't it great for the Vikings to get the chance to play #1? Lose and you know you lost to the best. Win and we paint Bus 15 orange, like they used to be before these Vikings were born, with a Vikings Banner above the windows on both sides, so when the Viking Ship sails into the Twin Cities for the State Tournament folks will notice. There goes Shulstad Viking and Haugen Viking and Lindberg Viking and Satterlie Viking and Storrusten Viking and Skow-Anderson Viking and Huseby Viking and Strand Viking and what a beautiful Orange Viking Ship with such handsome Vikings manning the oars and such a well-coiffed Viking with his hand on the rudder.

A police escort would be nice.
Say from Albertville in to The Colosseum?
All hail.

Win first. I'll order the paint.


Anonymous said...

So for those of us living down here in Mpls. and left out of the fun, you didn't give us the score from last night! Beat Crosby-Ironton and I'll be willing to drive a shuttle bus from Albertville into the big city for those Vikings too uncomfortable with driving in Mpls. traffic. AFter all, some of us alumni still have a bitter taste in our mouth after what happened with CI back in 1969!

Jim Christianson said...

The newsreel just below the comments posted the score of the game. I am not a numbers person. Care to elaborate on the bitterness of 1969? There are 56572readers who may have never heard about it and some of us so old we've forgotten.

Anonymous said...

We will all have to hold Jim to this. Bus 15 will look good orange.

Anonymous said...

Go Vikings!!! Let's try to get fan buses filled for Bemidji on Tuesday! You said it Jim, if we lose to #1 we know we put up a fight, if we lose to #1 we know we played an upset. Vikings have nothing to target on their back. Go out and play the best game you can...and HAVE FUN!!

Anonymous said...

Jim's showing his colors, so let's see some color on main street! Orange your homes, too!