Friday, March 7, 2008

The fatal flaw random

Susan Larson had a synopsis of the police report submitted yesterday by the State Patrol to the Otter Tail County Attorney's office in the Fergus Falls Daily Journal today. It should answer at least some of the questions people are asking.


Anonymous said...

First off, if she was "legally drunk", one with any amount of brains what so ever, would have been able to tell from a persons body language if they were half in the bag. If she was a valued employee, wouldn't you have said something is wrong with this picture? Especially if your own sister is riding the entire route with this supposed lush? And what happened to privacy issue? Did Jumpin' Jimmy get on the phone as soon as he canned her and call the Fargo Newshounds? Got to make a name for himself since he is the self-proclaimed savior of the world. Jumpin' Jimmy should reflect on his own bullheaded shortcomings in which I won't mention here but know for a fact, before he starts ruining someones life who is actually appreciated. This little woman has more heart, friends, and family than Jimmy could ever hope to have.

Dave Ellison said...

After 30 years of dealing with intoxicated patients in emergency departments I was still sometimes "fooled" Chronic drinkers learn to hide many of the visible signs of intoxication. It is entirely possible that someone who drinks heavily and often would not appear obviously intoxicated. Breathalyzers are very simple to use and extremely accurate. Defense attorneys and drinkers are the only ones who question their validity.
Nice people can have bad drinking problems. Denying the problem is not doing them a favor. It's called enabling and postpones real help.

Dave Ellison, MD