Saturday, March 1, 2008

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

Friday noon a FOX news van was parked outside Crossroads at lunch time, the third day in a row with Fargo TV cruisers in 56572. I wondered if they were here to cover A) the bus driver, B) the school budget cuts or C) the basketball game. It turned out they were on their way to Fergus Falls to do a story on the huge budget cuts in ISD544. They did stop on their way back to Fargo to do an interview about the bus driver. This spring wrestling and basketball tournaments are mere distractions to the hard budget questions facing HOL schools.

From the information I have seen so far I am drawing these conclusions to the hard questions at hand:

Yes, to Superintendent Wanek's proposal to cutting $700,000 next year. I agree with her that our schools need right-sizing. With classes of 90-100 graduating and 60-70 coming into PRHS the school should shrink as Viking Elementary already has.

Yes, to extra financial incentives for teachers close to retirement age willing to step aside, or go part-time, so other PRHS teachers now in mid-career can keep their jobs here.

Yes, to the idea of a Social Worker in the schools. Whether it's math, science, language or right and wrong, it's all education, it's all direly needed.

Yes, to a combo Assistant Principal/Athletic Director at PRHS so the Principal can focus on what he needs to.

Yes, to an Excess Levy vote for a reasonable excess levy at the General Election November 4th. I will pay a whopping $457.09 in school taxes in 2008 for my lakeside home and my business in town. I no longer have children in school. I am willing to pay more than that. Give me the chance in November.

Yes, I support our new hard-working Superintendent, our hard-working Principals, our hard-working teachers and paras. I support our kids. I support our School Board who will make the decisions we the taxpayers tell them to.

Do you?

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you Jim on the levy to the school. I think each of us could give a purchase of a frivolous toy, pair of shoes etc each year and pony up some $ for our school and our town's future!