Friday, May 16, 2008

56572@125 Happy Birthday

One hundred twenty-five years ago this afternoon the village that eighty years later was to become 56572 was granted a corporate charter - the girls at City Hall are digging through the vault looking for it as we speak.

How and when did the locals find out?

Probably a day or two or three later.

It's doubtful there was raucous celebration on Broadway or West Mill one hundred twenty-five years ago tonight.

It's doubtful there will be any tonight.

As far as that goes not much has changed.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pelican! We may not be celebrating today, but in July there is quite a celebration being planned by the Chamber of Commerce. I'm sure they could use some help, so give them a call and get involved with this group that is working hard to promote Pelican!

pelicanpetefan said...

I miss you, Pelican Rapids. Life is so different in the big city. Thank you!