Thursday, May 15, 2008

56572's Burger King

from 2 Resort Girls

The Grill Man Cometh
For those of you waiting for those mouth-watering burgers you might have to wait a little longer… With the unexpected weather the grill is still heating up for the summer season… Let Phil know that you are ready to lunch and munch when you see him around town-he’d love to know…


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting all winter for a bacon cheeseburger!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the grill open yet?

Mike said...

I arrive at Solingers a week from tomorrow. My wife informs me we are getting one of these burgers for dinner that night.

I hope it's open, because *I* am not explaining to her that she cannot get her burger!

This will be my 26th year vacationing at Solingers, and I have never made it down teh road to get one of these burgers. Sad, isn't it?