Friday, May 16, 2008

A birthday gift for 56572

Twenty-five years later there are five of us still alive. We were eleven on the committee to write A Century at the Rapids.

This past week a copy of A Century at the Rapids sold for $5.99 after a single bid on eBay. There are about 300 copies of the book in original boxes in the PRPL.

75 Years of Progress is harder to find and could cost you up to ten times that.

A few of us met one time two years ago to talk about a book or a photo album for the 125th. Times have changed. The price of time rises faster than the price of a barrell of oil. Creating a Peliwiki and having everybody pitch in was discussed, but we are not there yet. I wonder what the medium will be in 2033. I don't expect to be here for it.

As a meager substitute for a 125th book I have scanned both 75 Years of Progress and A Century at the Rapids and have posted both on the Internet in a searchable Adobe .pdf format that anybody using the free Adobe Reader can download, read and search for free. For free is the way it should be, the way of the future. I doubt anybody owns the rights to these books so I just went ahead and did it.

For the time being one can only download each book, until I figure out how to get them to just open up instead. I hope all generations of 56572 folk will enjoy the access to this information that modern technology gives us. I hope the younger generations, those with so little time to give, will take time to get interested in and preserve local history.

Click here to download the books.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the PDF versions of the two anniversary books! Because I married a Pelican girl, in 1977, I had a chance to read the 75th edition at her parent's home when we would visit. Later, her dad generously bought copies for each of his offspring.

When we moved to Pelican Rapids, first for a two year sabbatical, and later on a permanent basis, it was those two booklets that supplied me with vital information about our new home-town.

I was hoping a similar edition would be published for the 125th and am sorry to hear that it will not be forthcoming...

If one isn't published prior to the 125th celebration, perhaps there could be one done afterward to commemorate the event.

The first two were great -- the
125th edition could be even better!

Mark Brickzin