Thursday, May 8, 2008

56572@125 Eight days and counting

On May 16th, 1883 the city of Pelican Rapids was incorporated.

I don't expect to see fireworks next Friday, no parade with a marching band, no speech by Mayor Wayne, no walking tour by the Town Historian Marguerite, no free coffee and no birthday cake. 56572 is laid back in a lot of things, celebrating is right up there on the list. I bet it was like that 125 years too.

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Anonymous said...

Things I would like to see in Pelican Rapids. . . Call it a "birthday wish"!

A) The building of a city complex where the old park region building,Zierke studio building, the apartment building to the west of that and then the former "smoke shop" building are located.

*City Hall
*City Police Station
*Liquor Store

I believe using the current cost of rent plus the new revenues of an accessible and viewable liquor store would make such a project do-able and it really would continue to create the feel and look that Pelican Rapids is working to remain a vibrant community.

B) The creation of a community center to host large group gatherings. . . with "The Club" now closed there are few options for large gatherings.(not a sports center. . .albeit that would be nice. . .) but a simple structure to host wedding dances, fireman balls, Pheasants Forever type events, etc. . .

C) The passing, on the first try, of a operating referendum that our school will need next fall.

Just passing on a wish. . .call it brainstorming for a better Pelican.