Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Queen of the Rings (the red ones)

The purpose of the Concordia College Alumni Achievement Award is to honor alumni who have exemplified the ideals of Concordia College through outstanding service and leadership in their profession, community and church. These individuals have profoundly influenced the affairs of the world through thought, word and deed.

Dianne Kimm learned this morning that she has been selected as one of the 2008 winners of the Concordia College Alumni Achievement Award. Other 56572 Red Ringers who have been selected in the past were Al Siegle in 1999 and Judy Siegle in 2005. Dianne will receive the award during Homecoming 2008.

All of 56572 congratulates you Dianne. Bravo! Click here to send Dianne an email.


Ann said...

Congratulations Mom!!

Sara Kimm said...

Congratulations, Mom-in-law!

Anonymous said...

congratulations Dianne; good job.

Betty Petkewick