Friday, January 9, 2009

Ben der Bürgermeister

Life here in 56572 is not as bad as one might think. How many two stop light towns are there in America where - in addition to a Big Mac - you can enjoy risotto or sauerkraut for lunch on a Friday?

Do you vant Kraut? Care for cabbage? Within a matter of days 56572 will have its first German Mayor. This German looks forward to it. Ach du lieber Zeit!

Jeden Freitag Kraut! Jawohl Herr Bürgermeister. It can be your first decree. Use your executive privilege.

Then move on to agenda item 2: a Lutefisk ordinance; Lutefisk may only be prepared on Christmas Day with adequate ventilation and all windows closed. Leftovers may not be thrown into the municipal sewer.

Lastly to agenda item 3: Have Bob start stocking some German beer in the Municipal Liquor Store. Be sure to tell Bob to tell his staff that Heineken is not German.

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