Thursday, January 15, 2009

To close or not to close....

......that was the question of the day.

Just how cold does the air temperature have to be before school is called off? A Wind Chill Warning.....make any difference?

It all depends on where you live and especially on what channels you watch.

The Local Decider grew up in Bagley. Does that answer your question?

We delayed two hours and despite Big Brother Fergus closing at the last minute due to the long list of school closings on Twin Cities television, we hung in. Folks around here watch Fargo TV and listen to Fargo radio which makes us, in essence part Nort Dakotans. We are no sissies - or whatever you call people like that these days.

We grin, bear and deal with it. We pick up ladies close to sixty with flat tires and give them a lift to town in the school bus.

Now how cold was it in 56572 today? Cold enough that a friend called me from California to find out if I was OK. Cold enough that Fargo continues to get daily nationwide TV publicity. Cold enough to freeze the water line to the Conti espresso machine at Riverside Coffee. In 21st Century 56572 that can cause a problem. We grinned and beared and dealt with it French pressing it instead. Quiche was served for lunch for the second day in a row along with peanut butter cookies hot out of the oven after yesterday's Snickerdoodles sold out.

Truth be told it's been a damn cold week since got that new B├╝rgermeister last Montag. But the water came out of most taps (except at Riverside) and the toilets flushed so nobody's complaining.

Will there be school tomorrow? Count on it. It will be warm and toasty on the top row of the bleachers tomorrow night when the Perham boys come to town to play a little roundball. Afterwards when they open the doors to let everybody out the hot air will just spill out and before you know it it'll be above zero, maybe even above day....sometime...and our boys will still be undefeated with those Hawley Nuggets in their crosshairs.

They won't be grinning this time. We will.

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