Saturday, February 28, 2009

Les jours de gloire

This evening on the final night of February 2009 the gymnasium at PRHS will fill early and latecomers will be ushered into The Fine Arts Auditorium to watch Minnesota's number one ranked Class AA boys basketball team take on the Staples-Motley Cardinals on the Really Big Screen.

The game could have packed Memorial Auditorium at Concordia. It could have generated big TV ratings.

"They should just cut down the big evergreen and back the east gym wall out to the sidewalk. That way we'd have more room for bleachers.......and banners."

Bleachers and banners.

The 1984 State Champion Viking Boys Basketball team will be in attendance. Twenty-five years older.

The undefeated PRHS Vikings humiliated the Perham Yellowjackets in Perham last night. At halftime the score was 50-13 and Coach Cresap had taken a seat on the bench the white towel in hand. Coach Strand was quoted as saying:

“Our defense is really clicking right now. We forced 20 turnovers in the first half and converted on a lot of them. The kids are very focused.”

Experts say it's the fine art of defense that wins championships. The Fine Arts may fill tonight with fans from Staples-Motley as it will again Monday night with the Hawley Nugget Faithful.

Viking Fans know to get their bleacher seats about three hours in advance, which, cone to think of it, means you should be thinking about leaving home shortly.

The spread on the street in 56572 is about twenty points.

No room in the inn even for a pep band.
A nervous head-counting Fire Chief/Janitor.
Slide toward the center please.
Keep the aisles free please.
Leave your coats in the car please.

It's about our Boys.
It's about The Endless Bench.
It's about that seat in the Bleachers.
It's about not coming in second.
It's about coming home to see your Banner.
It's about history.
It's about déjà vu.
It's about tradition.
It's about 2034.

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