Friday, March 13, 2009

The High Seed is the Home Team and wears Dark

Concordia Memorial Auditorium house rules

Ticket Sales Information – (All tickets are general admission)
Adult tickets -- $6.00
Student tickets -- $4.00

Code of Conduct

There will be an effort to alleviate misconduct at all games. We ask that you inform your students that anyone using abusive language, or anyone throwing potentially harmful material on the playing floor will be removed from the stands and such conduct will be reported to the school authorities. Students are not allowed to remove their shirts – if they do, they will be asked to leave the premises. No one is allowed on the playing floor except players, coaches, cheerleaders and authorized personnel. Fans will NOT be allowed to circle the floor with school flags, banners, etc. These are allowed (but not recommended) only in front of the school’s cheering section. No taunting. Standing during the game will be allowed in certain areas. NO standing will be allowed on the permanent seating sections on the east side of the auditorium. No students will be allowed to sit on the bottom row of bleachers – this is done to prevent a crowd of students getting closer to the game floor than desired and keeping them back from the row of media personnel.

Specific issues of conduct include the following:

• Artificial noise makers (megaphones, cowbells, sirens, whistles, thunder sticks, etc.) are not allowed.
• Laser lights are not allowed.
• No charitable contributions and/or solicitations are permitted at tournament venues. (This includes raffles)
• Each participating school shall designate a person or persons from that school to serve as crowd control supervisors or chaperones.

Security Issues
The MSHSL is not allowing bags or backpacks in the venues. Please inform your public of this security concern so no one is surprised if they are required to leave these articles outside the venue.

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