Monday, March 2, 2009

The fine art of offense

When was the last time any basketball team hung one hundred points on Staples-Motley Coach Peterson? (Turns out his son the BB Coach in Hawley did it to him last winter) The Cardinals responded with eighty-five. Where were the referees? Was every shot a trey? The field goal percentage must have been off the charts. They should have left jars by the door so the fans could have left a 15% gratuity. During these times of economic hardship and excess levies one needs to think out-of-the-box about potential revenue streams. If so many wanted to get in, tickets should have been dearer. We may need to think of an eBay ticket auction and let the market decide who will sit in the gym, who in the Fine Arts. It's not every year your team is truly Number One. Do I hear ten dollars for a ticket to tonight's game against the Nuggets? Fifteen...I hear twenty over here. Twenty-two fifty. What's that you say? Crossroads is charging admission? ESPN wants the Channel Five feed? Too bad this is the last home game of the regular season.

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