Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PR Vikings-New London Spicer Wildcats Liveblog

New London-Spicer leads 13-5. Storrusten benched with three fouls at 14:09. NLS-PR 13-11 Lindberg EN FUEGO with three treys! Tie game 12:20 left 1st Half. Lindberg with his 4th trey, Vikes lead!! JAN-ERIK LINDBERG!!! Vikes defense steps up the pressure. PR-NLS 19-14 9:40 left. Brian Guler with a trey! Tie game 22-22. Tydan still benched. 8 fouls on Vikes. Yikes. Lots of PR traveling turnovers. NLS no slouch, good rebounders. Skow-Anderson scores! 25-22; 4:43 left. Eric Shulstad trey! 28-22. Tydan still on the bench with 3:42 left. ERIC SHULSTAD trey again!! 31-22. Viking Defense rules. JAN ERIK TREY NUMERO CINCO. Guler again 36-25. Who needs Tydan??? This half belongs to JAN-ERIK THE TREY VIKING: 15 points, rebounds, steals, en fuego with treys. PR36-NLS28


PR41-NLS30 Tydan TREY! Jan-Erik 3rd personal. Matt Haugen 3rd personal. PR41-NLS36. Skow-Anderson steal and score. PR45-NLS41,12:23 to play. Guler rebound putback. PR47-NLS46. NLS48-PR47. Tydan scores his 7th point. Good defense by NLS. PR gone ice cold. 8:53 left. NLS50-PR49. Tydan's trey blocked. TYDAN 4th personal. Shulstad scores and is fouled. Has 13 points. Skow-Anderson 3rd personal. Haugen 4th personal. Whistlefest. PR52-NLS52. Shulstad scores and is fouled again. PR55-NLS52. 7:00 left. Shulstad rebounds. Guler with 8 points. 56-52. Ty steals and we go.....58-52. Skow-Anderson blocks the shot, 5:22 left. Ty loses the ball. 4:45 left. NLS trey rims out, Shulstad rebounds. Shots blocked, steals, PR defense tightens, Skow-Anderson scores...NLS travels...JAN ERIK LINDBERG TREY NUMBER 6, Shulstad rebounds...Ty steals...Guler fouls. 2:33 left. Erik Shulstad hurt and down....cramped up....PR63-NLS54. NLS presses....Guler travels...Shulstad blocks the shot...Tydan scores...PR65-NLS54...Skow-Anderson rebounds...Tydan is fouled...two free throws, 13 points...1:33 to go...PR67-NLS56....Ty is fouled again...cans both free throws again...has 15 points. NLS turnover....PR turnover...PR69-NLS56...Jan-Erik is fouled, 19,20 points....Game over. PR71-NLS56. 31-0. Uffda.

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paul1983 said...

Great commentary on the game, please keep up the good work! Living in Charleston with no live update or link so the PR blog was perfect. I was in the stands for '84 state championship and feel that intensity again, great job again Mighty Vikes!! Paul Kvidt Class of '83