Saturday, March 28, 2009

Uncle Bob's house on Rivershore Drive Moorhead

To all our family and friends,

I do believe we have lost our fight for the house. We took on water yesterday We had two feet in the basement this am. Before we could get it out the plug in the bathtub was forced out and we ended up with sewer backup. It is down to two inches now and I have informed Tim to pull out. He will attempt to replug tub and get basement sump pump working and walk away. All damage is done now. Any more water in basement will not have adverse affect towards repairs.

I do believe the city of Moorhead let us down. Too much funny stuff went on. Mayor was on tv today along with congressmen, senators, FEMA, and the whole crowd. It is my belief that Moorhead sacrificed us for future aid toward flood protection for the rest of the town. If they had provided sand and bags when we had the help-at times up to 300 people for seven houses in my area the houses could have been saved. All for now.

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