Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Fisherman

At the end of the dock
in the bay
at the northwest corner
of Star Lake
there's a bench
with a guy
in a parka
the Stars
and the Stripes.

From the cabin
at the resort
his fishing buddy
brings him a ham sandwich
with mustard
and a Bud.

Soon the Northern
will strike.

The Fisherman
will stand
the hook
will be set
the reel
will reel.

Predator and Prey
will meet.

The Predator
will grab
the prey
with his talons.

The Prey
will gasp
as though
his last.

The Fisherman
will unset
the hook
walk over to the dock post
reach down
and pull up the
old fashioned

On a larger hook
the Northern
will be returned
to the lake.

The Fisherman
will walk over to the opposite dock post
bend over
reach down
and lift up
the plastic minnow bucket.

The Fisherman
will reach
into the bucket
for the first willing volunteer.

The Fisherman
will reload
his hook
walk back
to the bench
sit down

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