Thursday, February 7, 2008

56572@125 How to tell you're parked on West Mill

No, BiH does not mean Burn in Hell.

West Mill (formerly know as Whiskey) Avenue in 56572 has always been an illustrious place.

The Pool Hall is a West Mill institution and most customers park as close as possible. There used to be a brake shop and a lumber yard where Weishairs and the PRPL now stand. The Press has been at 29 West Mill for over a hundred years. NAPA and the Tire Shop stand where the majestic Grand Hotel burned down. A grand place it was.

Across the street we now have a halal Somali grocery store with a mosque in the backroom. Next door a refugee office, a food shelf, a housing office, a second hand store (The West Mill Mall) a telephone company and finally back on the corner of Broadway there is what was Rex's Grocery & Meat market/a pizza shop that burned/KT's/Bridges Bistro and Bar/now Crossroads Corner Restaurant and Bar where one should not miss the mural of many locals. Let's not forget the Masonic Lodge and the State Farm Agency.

A lot of business is conducted seven days a week on West Mill. Some in Otter Tail County may feel West Mill is the county's most dangerous street. We think it's one of Otter Tail County's liveliest and most fascinating.

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Anonymous said...

Wicklund Farm Supply was on West Mill Avenue, starting in January, 1951. Phil and Jo Wicklund purchased the Allis Chalmers dealership from Axel Soderlund. They moved the business to Highway 59 and built the building which is now Rapid Marine.
Phyllis Wicklund Gilbert